Saturday, February 16, 2008

the chichone

I was at the mini-mart shopping for dinner when I saw something shaking in the egg bin...

What's a girl to do? I just had to take him home....

Which Came First? is from the new issue of Craft by the Mochimochi blog author Anna Hrachovec.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm knitting a monkeh

I am not really an impulse knitter, but Maha said "I want a monkey", small problem because 'i don't like monkeys' so I spent the time and found a monkey pattern I could get my head around - 1. it's based on a Jim Henson character from the Creature Shop, and 2. well it's a British "monkeh". ITV and Johnny Vegas etc, here.

You can see clips here: ITV DIGITAL MONKEY ADVERT 1

You can see my knitted pieces and some process photos here, not a tutorial but helpful because there are not diagrams with the pattern. Flickr-tag monkey

the patttern is here: ITV Monkey

cheers, kate


Friday, April 20, 2007

casting on

I decided that the knitting content on my blog vegi patch needed it's own space - I may occationally cross post, but my intent is to use this blog for the more dedicated knitting stuff that my family and friends aren't as excited about as I am.

My current projects are all out of control and I have a strict rip or finish policy in place right now. One thing that slipped through was this phat software I purchase from The Knit Foundry called Knit Visualizer.

Just a positioning statement, I'm not a fan of line by line directions - they have their place, and their ardent fans but I'm not one of them. I own all of Barbara Walker's stitch pattern books and used to systematically chart them out. Knit Visualizer allows you to type in the driections line by line as written and viola! chart with key and everything :D

I charted out this one pattern I have never been able to get right with the written directions - the Porcupine stitch. Barbara attributes it to the early victorina era for the making of reversable shawls, scarves and "clouds". This is the chart from the line by line directions in BW's 2nd treasury:

and this is the result in Noro, Kureyon:

and I might add, now I can make REALLY BIG CHARTS and go easy on the eyes.

cheers, kate <3

Sunday, January 7, 2007

casting off

Knitting away on a double knit scarf for my daughter and she the most generous child in the world asks: "can you make one just like it for Megan". "Sure" says the most magnanimous mom in the world.

"only do a texas theme kind of thing." Hereby embarking on a rather typical mother daughter discovery of what "just like" REALLY means. First, all of this is discussed via Gmail chat, not exactly a visual medium. Second, we have a history of this sort of project not exactly working out to everyones satisfaction.

Texas, my favorite state in the union, most of the time.

mom: "Red, White and Blue?"
kid: "well she mostly wears black." "but she needs to mix it up a little."

mom: "I see, so toned down texas?"
kid: "right, but maybe the state of texas?"

mom: "uh huh." [I hate intarsia knitting.]

couple of days pass - I venture out to the only needle work store I've found in Jeddah, nothing speaks Texas to me.

me: "I'm stumped on Megan's scarf. the yarn shop has a pretty limited supply of yarn. nothing screams texas" "there is some very pretty mohair in BRIGHT red. and BLUE, and WHITE." "there is also a very nice grey wool that I could knit shapes into?" "not color blocks - but texture changes."

kid: "well, she wouldn't wear anything bright anyway" "like i told you... so i dunno, just do something normal in black/white/grey"

me: "thats what I was thinking. but black yarn sucks. and grey would be very pretty." (um, in case you're getting all hot about black yarn sucking, I'm getting blinder all the time - can't see what I'm knitting with black yarn.)
kid: "k"

me: "I was thinking a repeating star motif + the state of texas + a steer skull"
kid: "steer."
me: "dead cow. long horns."
kid: "dead is beef. steer is longhorn" "i think, i dunno, w/e"

me: "kay"

kid: "i'd just do stars" "or maybe like,"
me: "even better."

kid: "the tips would be a block with one big star, and the length would be two stripes somehow?" "like, with opposing rows or something?" "perpendicular rows to create two stripes, only in grey."
me: "I can do that."

kid: "like the flag, i should've said"
me: "so it's the freaking texas flag but in grey."
kid: "right"
me: "no problem'oh"

kid: "ok well i'm going to go take a shower"
me: "and fast and easy and it might get done."

So some serious searching found no decent star pattern charts on the internet, or any way not in the scale I was looking for. Knitting figures with texture is a little trickier than it sounds, so I charted it out and um, edited the chart after knitting it twice to get the results I was looking for. It's hard to see in the photos - but there are horizontal stripes on the left and vertical stripes on the right.

And so the perfect post-modern adaptation of the Texas flag. in a scarf no less. Which I made up from some stash yarn I brought back from Raleigh (purchased at a yarn store in Mount Vernon, WA - 16 years ago).

The pattern is here: Megan's Post Modern Texas Scarf in pdf format. If you have any problems with it email me. It is only the second pattern I've written down.